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Composite Insulators

Silicone Rubber Post Insulators

High Voltage Post Insulators , Post Type Insulator With CE / SGS



24KV silicone rubber station post insulator character shown below :

No. Type cantilever strength KN Section Length H, mm Dry Power Frequency  withstand Voltage kV Large Shed diameter Small Shed diameter


Creepage  Distance 


Lightning Impulse   Withstand Volt. 


Wet         Power 


withstand Volt.   kV  

1 HFXW-24/4 4 350 65 90 68 720 125 50

We export huge quantity of such products to EU countries many years .

customers are very satisfied with the product quality , there are no complaints up to now .

because we control product quality very strictly .

for example :

we use high quality materials for production , that is very important :

1 the insulator metal fittings are made of high density forged steel,every pieces test qualified before using.

Flange surface are hot galvanized , zinc thickness meet related IEC and ASTM standard requirement

single point thickness are more than 85 μm. average thickness  more than 90μm .


2 Insulator shed made of HTV silicone rubber , insulator produced by high pressure injection methond . insulator core are made of high strength fiber glass ECR rod.

4 silicone sealant we sue a layer of silicone sealant cover the connection aread between metal fittings and fiber glass core, just to protect insulator have a stable performance for longer life .



This type of product mainly used for electrical switches or distribution lines up to 24kV .

Mainly for insulation support .

 Competitive Advantage:

 High quality raw material lead to high quality final product .

same quality level product , our price are most competitive .

OEM design available upon customer’s requirement or special technical specifications.