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Composite Insulators

Dead End Composite Insulators

The dead end insulators  voltage class  can be 15kV ,28kV,35kV,46kV .specified mechanical load  from 60 kN  up to  90kN.   for example : types DS-15,DS-25, DS-35,DS-56 etc.

DS-15 dead end insulator F.jpg

Model Rated
Specified   Mechanical Load Section Length Shed Diameter Creepage Distance Full-Wave Impulse   Flashover Voltage 1 Min Wet Power   Frequency Flashover Voltage Radio   interference voltage
kV kN H(mm) d1(mm) L(mm) kV kV Test   kV Max.
DS-15 15 70 330±5 100 400 140 65 15 10
DS-25 33 70 500±5 80 660 235 120 20 10
DS-35 35 70 520±5 98 905 250 130 30 10
DS-35S 35 70 470±5 98 855 290 140 30 10
DS-45 45 70 579±6 120 1125 330 157 30 365

ANSI standard dead end composite insulators , the  housing and sheds material are silicone rubber , this polymer has inherent resistance to UV and corona . it also provides a water repellent surface  to decrease flashover.

The insulator production procedure is moulded silicone on fiber glass core, this allows variable leakage distances for a fixed insulator length, an the eliminates moldines that can ecourage leakage currents.

The metal fittings must be cramped to the fiberglass core .

the insulator rubber material is HTV type .

When we make design on deadend insulators , the insulator sheath thcikness is Min. 3mm ,which can reduce the electric field strength within the FRP rod .

All the deadend insulator comply with ANSI Standard . that means those insulators are commonly used in American Markets , USA, South American countries etc.

Good Advantages:

HIVOLT  dead end insulators are in high quality both mechanical and electrical performance, we guarantee you every pieces of insulator are well tested before transported out of factory .

The insulator can only be sent out after passing related test items.

the HIVOLT dead end insulator has good experience to work more than 20 years.

Download Files:
15kV deadend composite insulator drawing.pdf
28kV deadend composite insulator drawing.pdf
35kV deadend composite insulator drawing.pdf
45kV dead end composite insulator drawing.pdf