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Composite Insulators

Silicone Rubber Line Post Insulators

ANSI 51-4F silicone rubber line post insulator grey color for distribution lines


IEC standard 46KV vertical composite line post insulator , grey color for distribution lines.

Product technical performance :

Technical Specification Unit Value
1 Total length mm 460
2 Max. Shed Diameter mm 128
3 Creepage Distance mm 860
4 Cantilever Strength KN 10
5 Low Power frequency Flashover Voltage

dry KV 145

wet KV 115
6 Lightning Impulse flashover Voltage KV  240

Lightning Impulse withstand Voltage KV 225


insulator fiberglass rod is produced from the highest quality materials. Strands are aligned for
maximum tensile strength. The rod is more than 50 percent glass fibers in cross section.

End fittings are cast steel.the fittings surface are hot dip galvanized .

zinc coating comply to IEC and ANSI such international standards .

the insulator is with tie top , neck demension is 51-4F .

They are crimped directly to the rod by a special
process originated ,The crimp requires no intermovement of the parts to achieve high strength, nor
does it introduce potting compounds or adhesives.

Weathersheds are high pressure injection molded . Housings manufactured with
silicone rubber , high mechanical strength, high corona resistance and low
permeability to moisture.
Interface between silicone rubber and fiberglass rod are well treated.

This feature prevents intrusion of moisture and contaminating elements.


The 46 kV silicone rubber post insulators are used on distrbution lines . These insulators are commonly installed vertically on metal or wooden structures based to support the
conductor .

Competitive Advantage:

. The finish product have excellent mechanical and electrical performance.
• Eliminate or Reduce Maintenance and is compatible with existing plant
• Improves Power Quality (lower RI and TVI)
• Safety (light weight for handling and installation)
• Service Life (consistent performance over its service life)