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Composite Insulators

Long Rod Silicone Rubber Insulators

We produce long rod silicone rubber insulator with high pressure rubber injection shapping mehtod .

the insulator have excellent both mechanical & electrical performance .  the silicone rubber we use are HTV type (high temperature vulcanization).

the both end metal fittings material are forged steel .  fiber glass rod material is ECR FRP type .  all those material guarantee our product in high quality level .


1) we offer high quality  dead end composite insulators and long rod insulators according to ANSI standard and IEC standard .

2) the shed colour can be light gray or red .

3) The long rod insulators can be made up to 1000 kV  500kN .  and the related goods type tested in independant Lab.  the high quality will make you satisfied .

HIVOLT long rod silicone rubber insulators have below characters :

A   The metal fittings use high density forged steel , every piece of fitting are tested by magnetic power   test .to guarantee each unit fittings have uniform structure and perfect performance

The fittings surface are hot-dip galvanized meet related international standard requirement

 zinc thickness are more than 85um. according to IEC standard and ASTM153 .

B  Long rod  insulator  shed are made with material of high temperautre silicone rubber . the rubber  component are specially designed by ourself . it can provide high level both electrical & mechanical performance .

C  insulator core are made of reinforced ERC FRP high density fiber glass .

D  the silicone rubber lond rod insulator are ball &  socket connection according to IEC standard.

E  single insulator will be package with 1 carton drum .

F  the insulator shaping method is high pressure injection .

the long rod insulator are suitable for tension string or suspension string in transmission lines . corona rings will be used together with long rod insulators if necessary . the corona ring can even electrical field . increase flashover voltage , protect transmission lines.


Good Advantage of HIVOLT insulators :

we offer 3 years quality guarantee period , good quality deserve your trust !

The insulator have a very good self-cleaning performance . it is easy for maintenance .

The insulator has big  /   small sheds profilr , which specially designed for heavy pollution zone or coastal area .

We can design insulators based on customer’s requirement or special technical specifications.

the fiber glass core material is ECR FRP rod , it is special used for high voltage product instead of normal type.