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Glass Insulators

Toughened Glass Insulators

We ,Dalian Hivolt Power System Co., Ltd. have supplied high quality glass insulators for transmission lines up to 500kV  for domestic National Power Grid and overseas market due to high quality and competive price . we exported to UK, South Africa , South America , Ireland etc. If you are interested in this type of Insuators , please feel free to contact with us .

Toughened Glass Insulators

Type : fog type  & normal type

Class: up to 300 kN (E& M faliing load value)

Standard: we can supply those insulators  in IEC, ANSI , AU standards.

we can design insulators according to customers requirements.

Below is some data for 240kN insulator for example:

Technical Specifications for U240BP toughened glass insulator :


Technical Specification Unit Value
1 Spacing mm 170
2 Shed Diameter mm 330
3 Creepage Distance mm 550
4 Mechanical Failing load Strength KN 240
5 Power Frequency Withstand Voltage

dry KV 90

wet KV 55
6 Lightning Impulse Flashover Voltage KV  140
7 Puncture Voltage KV 130
8 Coupling Size mm 24


HIVOLT toughened glass offers below features:

High residual strength and no risk of line drop: Glass insulators can only exist
in two well defined conditions: intact or shattered.There is no intermediate cracked or punctured
state. Therefore it is easy to quickly inspect strings , with no need for
additional test instruments, it will save more time and cost.

Safety in construction Because of the impossibility of inducing hidden internal
damage, it is not possible to install a faulty string of glass insulators. so it skips routine test before transmission line constructions.

Puncture resistance      glass insulators resist the most extreme surges
such as switching surges, steep front lightning strikes and power arcs. There can be no hidden
puncture in a glass insulator.


Environmental Considerations Complete recyclability 

toughened glass insulators are made of fully recyclable components, so they do not represent a liability when retiring a line from service.

Visual impact - toughened glass insulator easily blend with in the sky
consequently have minimal visual impact once installed on any lines



Glass insulator U240BP works as a part of string insulator in transmission lines or substations up to 1000kV , the insulator can assembled as suspension string or tension string with related hardwares .

the insulator string can be single V string , double V string etc.

Competitive Advantage:

The glass insulators has good advantage for example :mass production in auto- production lines , and insulation body of glass component are even and easy for quality control .the unqaulifed parts are recyclable, so it will save cost to provie more reasonable price for end users.

Product quality are very reliable .

insulator shell surface are very smooth and free of visual defect , and easy for maintance in high pollution areas . we offer very competitive price . High quality , best competitive is our goal .