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Technical Specifications for L40BE200 supension long rod insulator porcelain brown for EU market


Technical Specification Unit Value
1 Spacing mm 317
2 Shed Diameter mm 170
3 Creepage Distance mm 450
4 Mechanical failing load Strength  Min. KN 40
6 Power Frequency withstand Voltage

dry KV 80

wet KV 50
7 Lightning Impulse withstand Voltage

Positive KV 125

Negative KV 130


L40BE200 supension long rod insulator mainly used in the market of EU countries .HIVOLT product export to many of those countries , and have very good reputation just because we use high quality materials for insulators :

 longrod porcelain 1.jpg 

Technical Specification Unit Value
1 Spacing mm 550
2 Shed Diameter mm 140
3 Creepage Distance mm 800
4 Mechanical failing load Strength Min. KN 70
6 Power Frequency withstand Voltage

dry KV 110

wet KV 95
7 Lightning Impulse withstand Voltage

Positive KV 250

Negative KV 275


L70BE380 supension long rod insulator mainly used in the market of EU countries .HIVOLT product sold to many of them . we have good reputation among customers due to high quality .

1  the insulator cap use high density ductile iron ,we test each piece of caps with magnetic powder testing method .

The insulator cap surface are hot galvanized , zinc thickness meet related IEC standard .

that is Min. zinc thickness are more than 85μm . the galvanization surface are smooth and shinning , and free of defect.

2  The insulation parts are made of high aluminum porcelain C130 . the porcelain surface covered a layer of hard glaze , color brown , we can also produce such product with color white , grey or as per customer's specifications.

3  the material of  R -clip  is stainless steel which guarantee insulator string connection very safety .

4  we use  excellent Portland cement to assemble porcelain body and related cap .    even after years of servicing , the cement still keep good performance.


L40BE200 supension long rod insulator are suitable for tension string or suspension string in transmission or distribution lines from 11kV , 25kV or 33kV .

Competitive Advantage:

L40BE200 supension long rod insulator have a very reliable electrical & machincal character .

the failure rate is lower than 1 per 100000 . 

we offer 3 years quality guarantee period , if the product has inside defect , we will replace it free of charge .

The porcelain glaze are hard and shinning , it has very good self-cleaning advantage . it is easy for maintenance .

the insulator are non-punctured product . so the transmission line maintainese will be much more easier