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Porcelain Insulators

Capacitor Bushing Insulators

IEC standard capacitor bushing insulator color grey for LV, MV capacitors

We export big quantity of such bushings to European countries , American countries , most of customers are capacitor factories .

the bushing can be with hollow bolt or solid bolt , the bolt material can be brass or stainless steeel .

the connection conductor can be solid copper wire or flexible copper wire .

we offer many material options , there will be at least one options meet you requirements.

the bushing electrical level can be 110 BIL , 125 BIL , 170BIL, related applicalbe voltage level is 15kV ,27KV , 35 KV, 46 KV etc.



the HIVOLT capacitor bushings are mainly used for insulation parts for power capacitors .

it can provide excellent insulation performance and strong mechanical support .


Competitive Advantage:

the bushing has very low leakage rate ,  very high mechanical cantilever strength .

the product finish are very shinning , without any surface defects .

we do routine test on each bushings after production to sort defect units out .

the test items including water pressure test , cantilever load withstand test , torsional strength test etc.

we can also design and develop new models based on different end user's requirements.