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Power Apparatuses

Silicone Rubber Dropout Fuse Cutout

We supply high quality porcelain fuse cutout for distribution lines , the product level are from 11 kV up to 36kV with current level 100A or 200A .

 The very high mechanical performance and excellent electrical character will build more reliable power lines.

below is the information of above photo:


product name :15KV silicone rubber dropout fuse cutout grey with solid copper fuse tube 300A

Rated Voltage: 15 kV

Rated Current : 300A

Breaking Capacity : 8kA

(Symmetrical current interruption)

Power Frequency withstand voltage (dry) : 45kV

Impulse Voltage : 110 kV

Leakage distance : 240mm

Connector type : paralell groove connector silver coated


To be sure all batches of 15kV dropout fuese cutout are qualified , we conduct below performance tests :

1) Power frequency dry withstand voltage test

2) Lightning impulse withtand voltage test

3) Power frequency wet withstand voltage test

4) Temperature rise limitations test

5) Radio influence levels test



Used for distribution lines or substations up to 15kV , suitable for wooden or steel cross arm


Competitive Advantage:

we guarantee that all fuse cutout units are routine tested one by one according to IEEE C37.41 , IEEE37.42

before shipment . in this way , we can sure all product are qualified .

all related metal parts or insulation body are selected .

To offer high quality proudct is our goal .

we also advanced our design to save cost , that we can offer better price for end users.