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Power Apparatuses

Silicone Rubber Housing Surge Arresters

IEC standard 25KV composite MOA surge arrester , color grey with support base for transmission line



 Each surge arrester is made up of a series of varistor blocks .
HIVOLT has many years of experience and proven ability in
manufacturing these Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), and
the capacity allows us to fully control the quality and manufacturing processes. These MOVs
dictate the performance characteristics of the arrester and are locked in place with tightly wound layers of
fiberglass filament impregnated with epoxy resin. The
arrester housing is made from our proprietary blend of silicone alloy. In addition to exceptional
performance as an insulator material,  properties have been confirmed in a series of performance tests that
include tracking resistance, contamination, aging, and seal design.
The HIVOLT arresters can be used with all standard mounting arms and brackets. They are also
supplied with all the necessary fasteners, isolators, and terminal attachments. A specially designed glass-filled polyester insulating bracket, with integrated disconnector, along with optional mounting brackets such as the cross arm or transformer bracket, enable mounting options that best suit every individual customer.

the surge arrester shed material is silicone rubber . color is grey .



Used for distribution lines or substations , the major funtion is to protect line from lightening impulse .

guarantee live line runs safety .


Competitive Advantage:

 All HIVOLT surge arresters are made of high class raw material :  bloocks , fiber glass tube , silicone rubber sheds , brackets etc.

we will offer most competitive price to assist customers save their budget .

OEM product available .