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Porcelain Dropout Fuse Cutout


product name : Professional Certificated Dropout Fuse Cutout With Normal Rain Cover 34.5KV

Rated Voltage: 34.5 kV

Rated Current : 100A

Breaking Capacity : 8kA

(Symmetrical current interruption)

Power Frequency withstand voltage (dry) : 70kV

Impulse Voltage : 170 kV

Leakage distance : 680m

Connector type : paralell groove connector


1)  the dropout fuse cutout insulation body are high aluminum porcelain C-130 , 

2)  a layer of shinning glaze covered on the body , color can be grey or brown .

3)  the porcelain have excellent mechanical & electrical performance.

4)  Conductive parts use material copper, bronze or brass , it depends on customer’s requirement.

4)  The fuse cutout are suitable for 34.5KV lines .



Used for distribution lines , suitable for wooden or steel cross arm


Competitive Advantage:

2 years quality insurance time are satisifed by most of customers.

to provide excellent product performance , we routine tested all porcelain body by 50% cantilever strength . for example 34.5kV dropout fuse cutout porcelain insulator Min. cantilever 15kN , we routine test 7.5kV withstand 10 seconds .

in this way , we can sure all product are qualified .

Download Files:
fuse cutout insulator catalog.pdf