Just set up 2 most advantaged kilns for hollow insulator
2019-12-17 17:49:23

We just finished construction of 2 new kilns for hollow insulators and finished test firing . those 2 kilns are 400 CBM  each , all the firing process are auto- controled .

and the whole control system are from Siemens , the kiln design working period is 10 years without big repairation . the kiln inside temperature different are less than 2 ℃.

so during the firing process , the inside temperature are even , it will lead porcelain quality are more reliable and stable . 

after testing we found , the product mechanical strength improved 5% compares with old kiln , and the firing qualified rate improved 6% .

we are very satisfied with the performance of new kiln . it will be great help for us to keep improving product quality and customer's satisfication.