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We, Dalian Hivolt Power System Co.,Ltd.  have a very modern laboratory in our factory, where routine test, sample test and normal type test can be conducted in accordance with IEC, ANSI, BS, AS and other international standards.  Test range including porcelain insulators glass insulators and composite insulators .The test equipment listed below:

  raw material analysis.jpg

  mechanical test mechine.jpg


  cantilever strength test.jpg

  lightning impulse test facility.jpg

     · Hydraulic pressure withstand test machine

  · 1000 KN materials strength test machine

  · 600 KN materials strength test machine

  · 300 kV test transformer

  · 200kV test transformer

  · 250 KV horizontal strength test machine

  · Thermal mechanical performance test equipment

  · Ultrasonic detectors

  · Cantilever forces up to 50 KN

  · 1200kV impulse voltage generator

  · RIV test equipment